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The Concept


When the Flying Over an Olive Grove:The Remarkable Story of Fred Spiksley - a flawed football hero book was first released in October 2016 the first group to see it were journalists at the England v Malta match at Wembley. 


Free copies were snapped up.  Henry Winter said: “Amazing Old Photographs” whilst quite a few of those present were quick to comment “it will make a good film.” This was a response that became a very familiar one when the authors took the book across the country at a series of football history evenings including a 300-strong gathering held at Hillsborough to celebrate Sheffield Wednesday’s 150 anniversary in September 2017. Similar backing for a film came in many newspaper articles, TV and radio interviews about the book. Fans of different clubs got in touch to say we should make a documentary.


Armed with this public support a Kickstarter fund raising appeal was promoted and this, plus some other smaller initiatives, raised a five figure sum.  Particularly generous was the Wednesdayite fans group.  Production has commenced and we now hope to deliver the film 2020.